The Herb Nerd

Growing Herbs in planters like Oasesbox® is a superb way to make the most of the available space. Your Oasesbox® can be placed on a bright patio, right by the back door for easy access when cooking, too!

The Best Herbs to Grow in your Oasesbox®

The great thing is, growing them is just as satisfying and rewarding as using them. And with a little careful planting and thought, you’ll end up with fresh herbs available all year round to use in your kitchen. Herbs are easy plants to grow and they taste delicious. Starting a herb garden is a great way for beginner gardeners to get into growing their own produce.

What plants can I grow?

You can use your Oasesbox® for almost every plant from Vegetables to Flowers and miniature Trees, It can be used for mature and young plants as well as for seeds. The reduced frequency of watering is a benefit especially for water loving plants, but every plant loves the even water supply. Next are just some examples to show what is possible to grow. Herbs like basil, chives, dill, parsley, mint, lemon balm grow well. Likewise dill, lemon grass, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme.

What's included?


With your single unit order (green, terracotta, or grey) you will receive

1.) 1x outer unit (green, terracotta, or grey)

2.) 1x black inner cone

If you order a tripple pack, you will receive 3x an outer unit (green, terracotta, or grey) and 3x a black inner cone. In addition 1x Instruction Manual is added.

How does it work?

Please look at our Instruction Manual for the Oasesbox®.