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Self-Watering Planter- Oasesbox Triple Pack (GREY)


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Self Watering Planter from Oasesbox Self-Watering Planter

Oasesbox® Self-Watering Planter is a world first product for growing, watering and feeding plants.  It requires no pumps, electricity or mains water supply.  The Self Watering System provides up to 4 weeks supply of water. Take holidays without the worry of watering your plants.

Self-Watering Planter with a Difference

The Oasesbox® Self-Watering Container Gardening System is a unique, sub-irrigated planter that allows home and hobby gardeners. Simple, effective and proven to produce an abundance of produce and flowers. No need for electrical pumps or a cumbersome irrigation piping system to actively supply water.”Grow your own” enthusiasts will love the results

Tomato Planter

Avoid the lack of water for your tomato plants. Busy lifestyles can lead us to forget to provide enough water to our plants. Oasesbox® Container Gardening System removes the pain of having to regularly water our valuable tomato plants. Available in a Triple Pack Planter Unit at just £49.99 or a Single Unit for just £29.99. The Oasesbox® is modular and can be added as required. It is available in three colours Terracotta, Green, and Grey. Especially suitable for plants including Tomatoes, Aubergines, and fruits including berries and citrus fruits such as Lemons.

Self Watering System

Oasesbox® Container Gardening System is a self-watering system with patented technology that has been tested and proven to provide fantastic results with a broad range of plants. Grow fantastic tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, chillies and even lemons using the Oasesbox® Self-Watering System. Voted best single Self-Watering Planter August 2017 by Geoff Hodge from Garden News Magazine.





100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Weeding, No Overwatering, Maintenance-Free System
Food-Safe, UV-Stabilized, Durable Plastic Planter
Small Footprint, Measures 35cm L x 35cm H x 35cm W/D

Developed by keen Gardeners

What's in the Box

What's in the Box


With your Treble Unit Order you will receive

1.) 1 x  Treble Grey Outer Unit

2.) 1 x Treble Black Inner Cone

3.) 1 x Instruction Manual

What can I grow

What can I grow

Shipping Details

Shipping Details

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