Developed by hobbyist gardener and businessman Markus Schneider, Oasesbox is the product of German design combined with clever British engineering. Markus is a keen and enthusiastic gardener who loves to grow all sorts of home-grown vegetables. He is always on the look-out for a solution to grow healthy tomato, courgettes, and aubergines but keeping effort and time manageable. His business demands limit his free time which often means his plants suffered from a lack of watering. He was looking for an automated plant irrigation system that solved his watering needs but couldn’t find one. So he decided to create one himself. Markus set out to develop an easy-to-use irrigation system that allowed more time in between watering ensuring all his efforts in growing his plants was not lost because he was too busy to water them. It had to be simple to use, effective and cost efficient. Oasesbox provides this solution with a 14 -21 days approx supply of water ensuring and promoting healthier growth as your plant always has the supply of water when needed. And, it also provides an attractive container for your plants.